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It is however very tight and considering the content easily over looked. Item #45123 Sixth plate ruby ambrotype of an unidentified rebel. Item #23913 Beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype of an unidentified rebel. Item #89765 Rare ninth plate ambrotype of an unidentified member of the famed Hillard Legion out of Alabama.This one does come housed in a full leatherette case with a split spine. He's dressed in a dark blue triple breasted frock and matching trousers. Two small pistols are tucked into a roller buckle type belt one of which is sporting ivory handles. He may have served in a artillery battery but I tend to think this is more than likely an infantryman from the state of Mississippi. In April of 1862, Colonel Henry Washington Hillard was authorized to raise one complete legion.See the Clovis Comet presentation to the 2008 Pecos Archeological Conference here "The Clovis Comet" from the Mammoth Trumpet Our article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science with data from the Carolina Bays Various links and articles concerning the Younger Dryas Impact Event See the mysterious North American "Black Mat" here Sandia National Nuclear Laboratory modeling of small asteroid airbursts See the Acapulco/AGU Press Conference on You Tube National Geographic Show on You Tube 20 oblique aerial photos of Carolina bays YD Impact Abstracts, May 22, 2007 Acapulco AGU Search Google for "Younger Dryas" and "black mats" Acapulco Joint Assembly\AGU session on the Ice Age Catastrophe The Carolina Bays and the Ice Age Catastrophe Ancient Myth and comet encounters Impact Frequency Analysis Ancient Art and Comet Inspired Motifs "That Kaczorowski, the current leader of the wind theorists, found it necessary to journey all but literally to the ends of the earth to view features on harsh landscapes in fierce climes that only faintly resemble Carolina Bays speaks for the uniqueness of the Carolina Bay phenomena, particularly when the striking images brought back from those places are contrasted with Carolina Bays.Even more pertinent questions confronting the wind origin theorists are nearer at hand. It contains some of the more historically significant images which I have sold in the past and also serves as an excellent online database of some of the countless number of uniforms which saw service during the the 4 years of conflict as well as those searching for images of long lost relatives which I get requests for from time to time.Item #78798 Ninth plate ambrotype of this double armed reb sporting one wicked looking D-Guard! Sporting a well worn dark, single breasted frock and a thin leather belt with double roller buckles.A novel gift idea for new home owners and college students living in dorm as well giveaways for hardwood floor contractor/refinishers, Realtors and exhibitors at home shows. ( Called the Kelton, this water-repellant track jacket (product # TM12348) with sporty diminishing contrast piping features an autolock zipper pull and concealed coil zipper pockets.Available in four color choices, the outerwear piece is a great choice for coaches, teams, fitness centers, wellness programs and more.

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No id on this guy but I would guess he was possibly Georgia or one of the Carolina's. The uniform for troops that hailed from the state were determined in early 1861. Hillard's Legion was unique in that consisted of all branches of the military.