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They are boxer briefs, but the legs go down almost to my knees. Because time, or lack thereof, was the reason I bought them (4 pairs) in the first place, I wasn't about to walk to the post office, box them, and send them back. … continue reading »

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For this reason, it's worth checking whether you really need to update your BIOS.… continue reading »

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They may also be bound by religious implications of marriage and there are many other reasons related to preserving the relationship to consider. Ending an intimate relationship is almost always difficult, but even more so when the victim's/survivor's self-confidence has been destroyed by abuse/r. This contrite behavior may include promising never to hit again, agreeing to seek counseling if the victim/survivor promises not to leave, reminding the victim/survivor of how hard the perpetrator works, pointing out the incredible stresses under which s/he is operating, acknowledging the wrongfulness of his/her violence to the children and asking their help in stopping it, and demonstrating his/her love for the victim/survivor in meaningful ways.… continue reading »

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Models that are sold outside of the continental United States cannot be tracked using this serial number inquiry system.… continue reading »

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Photo: Claire Callagy With 100 beaches in a state less than 40 miles wide and long, she has never lived more than 30 minutes from the beach. Never fight her desire to bake in the summer sun, sitting towel next to towel at Narragansett Beach, or her desire to pick up seashells in the freezing, blustery cold of winter.… continue reading »

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Our Sex Chat Room which provides live webcam video chat room and more!… continue reading »

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Internet predators are people who lie about their age and pretend to be of an age that is similar to your child’s.… continue reading »

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