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General information about Safe Connect is available at: (preferably Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari). Currently, any network devices besides Windows and Macintosh computers do not need to be registered through Safe Connect.

You should be able to connect wirelessly to UNL-AIR in about 1 minute. STEP 2 – Registering your WIRELESS computer on SAFECONNECT Res Net is using the Safe Connect Registration System. If this is the first time you've logged in, you should see a page that says: “Download the Policy Key”. Highly recommended: Once you’re connecting on UNL-AIR, go to and use the automated system there to configure your computer to use the encrypted wireless network: UNL-AIR-E STEP 1 – Registering your WIRED computer on SAFECONNECT Res Net uses the Safe Connect Registration System.

Wireless service first appeared on the Drexel campus in 2000 with a network called Dragon Fly. Dragon Fly3 is available to all students, faculty, and staff with a current University user ID.

Since that time, wireless has become the most pervasive access method used to connect to campus and Internet resources. Instructions for Connecting to Dragon Fly3 and Using the Dragon Fly3 Installation Wizard Dragon Fly-Play is exclusively for use in Drexel Housing (including Greek and 34th Street Housing) for connecting game consoles, streaming appliances, smart TVs and other home entertainment devices.

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To register for wireless in the residence halls, you’ll need to know your My. , you should be able to connect wirelessly to UNL-WIRELESS-REGISTRATION in the halls.

Next, press the "Uconnect Apps" Button on the bottom right of your touchscreen.

If this is your first time pressing the Apps button, press the START button when the pop-up notification appears. Later on you'll be asked to create a Uconnect Access Security PIN.

It must also be equipped with features that enable remote commands, such as keyless entry, and must be in active and usable cellular range.

The Uconnect Access App must be installed and launched on your mobile device to use these remote commands.

Otherwise, scroll down and press the "Uconnect Registration" button. Visit Mopar Owner Connect to get vehicle information, check your service records, find deals on authentic Mopar parts and service, send remote service requests to your vehicle, customize your notifications and to renew, purchase or cancel Uconnect subscriptions." System profile. You will need this PIN to send remote service requests through the Uconnect Access app on your smartphone.