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LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Deposed Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif called Saturday for "a change and revolution" in the country to ensure the sanctity of the vote as he addressed a large gathering of his supporters in his home town of Lahore.CAIRO (AP) — The head of the panel that drafted Egypt's 2014 constitution, possibly the most progressive in the country's history, denounced calls to amend the charter on Saturday, saying in a carefully-worded statement that parliament should focus instead on implementing it.Though it may be true more people are turning to technology to find connections they crave, they prefer to meet through personal encounters.Some are turning to local social groups and find the experience beneficial. When we do charge minimal organizational fees, they are based on the website renewal fees, or individual event, and cover any out-of-pocket costs that we incur with the events and/or commitment fees that we pay to the venue in advance of the event. Unlike other social groups or organizations, we "do not" charge any annual membership fees or dues!Our ages range quite a bit and most age groups are welcome.

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Alex Rosenau Session Handout – Resident to Attending: Transitions – Dr.

The Beacon Hill Branch of Seattle Public Library hosted its first speed dating event on August 29, 2015, drawing a younger crowd to the library.