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The study found that on average, the sexual practices of Polish women in the UK were at least twice as risky as what they would be involved in back home, and betraying a partner was far more likely, too.

Dr Agat Smolen from Warsaw's Medical University, said the language barrier, financial problems and being separated from family or partners was often a contributing factor towards increased stress levels in migrants.

The measured neutron emission probabilities are comparable to or smaller than values predicted by global models such as relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov plus the relativistic quasi-particle random phase approximation (RHB RQRPA).

Published by the American Physical Society under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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The world can seem like a pretty big place, especially if you're looking for more than a casual relationship.

But Magdalena Konieczna, 32, a Pole who spent three years working as a waitress in the UK before returning home recently, said loneliness could also explain why immigrants seemingly become more promiscuous in their new surroundings.'Also, Polish girls tend to be prettier than British girls and dress more elegantly and femininely, which attracts men, while British men tend to be more attractive in their looks and behaviour than the Polish men most girls meet back home.'One way of dealing with the stress of being away from home for the first time is to meet people, go to parties and have fun.