Slumdog millionaire actors dating

12-Dec-2017 04:16

On Deepika Padukone's 30th birthday, Nihaar was interviewed by a leading daily and on being asked about his equation with Deepika, he mentioned: "Yes, we are very much in touch.It’s nowhere close to the way it has been portrayed so far with reports suggesting that both of us are waiting to run each other down or anything.Danny Boyle's Golden Globe winner Slumdog Millionaire seems extraordinarily well-timed.

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The reckless energy and humour are what are what gives Slumdog its feel-good factor.

But, do you also know who they dated before making it big in Bollywood?

Well, if you answered no, then read on to boost your knowledge about the tinsel town stars and their lesser-known exes.

After “Lion” makes its millions, someone else can make a movie about how Google Earth saved the struggling indie distributor.

And it can end with a shot of Harvey Weinstein, Saroo Brierley (the “Lion” himself), and director Garth Davis giving one another a big group hug at the Oscars.They also featured in two different songs of Himesh Reshammiya’s album, As per various reports, the duo was in a live-in relationship before they parted ways.

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