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03-Sep-2017 15:11

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:refresh=yes then a F5 keystroke will refresh both your browser view and the data connection at the same time.(Make sure to delete the #1 at the end of your URL before adding the refresh parameter or it won’t work.)] The most common way to refresh your data in Server is to click the refresh icon at the top of the view: Again, remember clicking your browser reload icon will NOT refresh your data (unless you edited your URL).(11 printed pages) Download the sample code associated with this article, Google Suggest Introducing Java Script RPC Xml Http Request Data Binding and More Web Server Support for Java Script RPC The Value of Java Script RPC: From Mainframe to Client-Server About the Authors Internet Explorer and other major browsers have long provided the power and flexibility to support dynamic Web applications that match and surpass their desktop counterparts; however, that power still remains relatively unknown and underutilized.To refresh the Extract right-click the data connection, but instead of clicking refresh, go down and click Extract and then click the Refresh option in the flyout menu. There is no key-combination (that I know) to invoke an Extract refresh. F5 (or ctrl-F5 or shift-F5) does NOT refresh your data. This does not issue a new query to your database, or refresh the data after a data extract has been refreshed; at least not by itself.

Are there any existing javascript libs that handle this or it there a good book that covers this sort of thing. Notice the actual html is update when the section is changed as well as the url while maintaining a smooth transition with no visible page refresh. Also if anyone sees any downside to using this approach I am all ears. It's a newer technology which most of the newest browsers (internet explorer excluded : P) support.

Your clients will end up having to download more and the web server will be sending data it doesn't have to.

A more elegant approach is shown in the AJAX example.

For example, if you are regularly dynamically creating a new graph image, you need to make sure a half saved version of the image file is not served to a browser.

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If this happens, the browser will display a corrupt image, or nothing at all.

Lets assume you have a single page application running on n users computers as a dashboard and you updated the application, how does all of the clients receive and manage the updated assets without incurring a browser refresh.

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